Testaa Pelinjohtajan kuusi atribuuttia:

Ainakin ajatuksia herättävä testi pelinjohtajan arvioimiseksi:
(Ropellukset suositelee arviointiväliksi: 3-18)

Creativity: A GM’s ability to come up with interesting, compelling new ideas, be they for adventures, characters, or whole campaign settings;

Improvisation: The ability to “roll with it,” responding to player’s crazy ideas, making things up on the spot, and house ruling through odd situations;

Mechanics: A GM’s ability to understand and implement the rules of any given RPG, from the smallest technical details to the bigger-picture, design philosophy ideas;

Prep: A GM’s preparedness…having all the materials he or she needs ready to go before the game starts. This also encompasses a GM’s logistical/planning abilties;

Consistency: The ability to deliver adventures on a set schedule. GM’s with high consistency seem to always have an adventure ready, and could run a game weekly, or, if their score is high enough, nightly. This stat is important for running campaigns;

Leadership: This is a GM’s ability to socialize with others. This includes being able to share the spotlight, address problem players with maturity and empathy, and to invite and incorporate new players into a game.


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