Uhittelevia taikureita

Mitä pahistaikurit sanovat kun onnettomat pelaajahahmot yrittävät sotkea niiden suunnitelmia? Kaikkea mahtipontista, tietysti!

Elfmaids & Octopi -blogissa on hieno d100 lista taikureiden suurudenhulluista one linereista. Tässä muutamia maistiaisia:

1 Bring them to me my minions, I wish to examine them in my chambers!
2 Destroy them my pretty pets! Do as you please with these wretched weaklings!
3 Bow down before my bolts of bedevilment you foul defilers of my sanctum!
4 More fresh meat for my laboratory and my pets
5 With some modifications these might just make my newest slaves
6 These weak and feeble intruders will make me fine undead servants forever
7 I am the master here and I command you to die!
8 My will here is supreme, bow before me like dogs and I may spare you my wrath
9 Your puny insignificant beings cannot comprehend the fell powers I command!
10 You have excellent bone structure, your skeletons will make fine editions to my collection

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