L’Île Mysterieuse: Equipment


Encumbrance is designated in encumbrance points. A character can carry as many encumbrance points as their strength score without any penalties. When carrying encumbrance points up to two times their strength score, characters are considered encumbered, which gives them a 50 % slower movement score, makes them automatically surprised and gives them an initiative penalty of -1.

Some items have an encumbrance score of less than one. Those items are not counted towards encumbrance unless a full set of n/n is carried, in which case their encumbrance value is one. Very small single items can be ignored for encumbrance purposes. 1,000 coins are considered to have an encumbrance score of one. Rations for a day are considered to have an encumbrance score of one, but iron rations have an encumbrance score of one per week of rations.

Weapons can be attached to belts and bandoliers. No weight for containers, except their contents. Characters weigh as many encumbrance points as their constitution score.


Air Bladder1gp1/3Holds oxygen for 10 rounds / 1 minute.
Aqua Regiae25gp1/3Strong acid that does 1d8 damage for 2 rounds. Thrown (10′ / 20′).
Backpack4gp0Holds 10 encumbrance.
Bandages5gp1/3Consumable that is lost with a failed first aid attempt. Heals 1d3 HP directly after fight with a succesful Heal check.
Barometer1000gp1/3Can forecast next day’s weather with a 50 % probability.
Barrel2gp0Holds 30 encumbrance.
Belt pouch1gp0Holds 2 encumbrance.
Block and Tackle2gp1
Book10 – 1000gp1/3 – 2Folio 2 encumbrance, quarto 1 encumbrance, octavo 1/3 encumbrance
Bottle of Spirits (full)2gp1/3Holds 1 encumbrance.
Bottle, Empty1gp1/3Holds 1 encumbrance.
Caltrop5sp1/3Four caltrops for each 10′ square. Reflex save to avoid 1d4 damage.
Candle1sp1/3Bright light up to 5′, dim light up to 20′. Burns for 1 hour.
Cards, Deck of5gp0
Chain, per foot1gp1/3
Chest (ironbound)22gp0Holds 20 encumbrance.
Clock, Pocket Watch500gp1/3
Clothing, Extravagant>20gp0
Clothing, Normal5gp0
Clothing, Poor1gp0
Compass500gp1/3Incurs a +1 bonus to navigation checks.
Cooking Pot1gp1
Crowbar2gp1+1 on open door attempts.
Flask of Lamp Oil (Whale Oil)5sp1/3Burns for 4 hours. Thrown (10’/20′), damage 1d4 for 2 rounds.
Grappling Hook5gp1/3
Holy Symbol, Silver25gp0
Holy Water25gp1/3Thrown (10′ / 20′), 1d8 damage and 1d4 damage to adjacent undead creatures.
Ladder, 10′10gp3
Lantern, Hooded3gp1/3Allows the light to be hidden or revealed as the user pleases. Bright light up to 30′, dim light up to 60′. Burns one flask of oil / 4 hours.
Lantern, Bullseye10gp1/3Allows the light to be hidden or revealed as the user pleases. Shines bright light for 30′ in a 10′ wide cone, and dim light for a further 30′. Burns one flask of oil / 4 hours.
Lockpick1gp1/3Consumable that is lost after each failed lockpicking attempt.
Padlock (with 2 keyes)7gp1/3
Magnifying glass100gp1/3
Manacles (without padlock)10gp1
Merchant’s scale5gp1/3
Mirror, Glass10gp1/3
Mirror, Steel1gp1/3
Musical Instrument1 – 1000gp1/3 – 10
Perfume, Bottle5gp0
Pick, Miner’s6gp1
Pole, 10′1gp2
Quiver1gp1/3Holds 20 arrows/bolts.
Rations (one day)1sp1
Rations, Iron (one week)10gp1
Riding Gear25gp2
Rope, 50′ (hemp)3gp1
Rope, 50′ (silk)30gp1/3
Sack1gp0Holds 5 encumbrance.
Saddle Bag2gp0Holds 10 encumbrance.
Scroll Case1gp1/3Holds 1 encumbrance.
Shot Pouch1gp1/3Holds 20 shots/bullets.
Signet Ring10gp0
Snuff Box (full)5gp0
Saw, Hand10gp1
Sextant500gp1/3Navigaton check to determine which hex column party is on.
Spike, Iron (12)3sp1/3
Stakes (4) and Mallet3gp1
Surgigal kit50gp1/3Consumable that is lost with a failed surgical check. Heals 1d6 with a succesful surgical check, 1D3 damage on a fumble.
Tent, Ten person25gp2
Tent, Personal5gp1
Torch1sp1/3Bright light up to 30′, dim light up to 60′. Burns for 1 hour, does 1d4 damage.
Wallet1gp0Holds 1 encumbrance.
Waterskin or wineskin (empty)1gp1/3Holds 1 encumbrance.

Thrown: Item can be thrown with dex bonus to-hit. The numbers in parenthesis are normal and long range.


Carrier Pigeon100gp
Dog, Mutt1gp
Dog, Trained20gp
Horse, Riding100gpCarrying capacity 20
Horse, War500gpCarrying capacity 30
Mule50gpCarrying capacity 10
Falcon, Trained500gp

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