GM Mastery

“The attitude of the master GM is always positive. When he looks at a situation laden with problems, he sees opportunities instead – for every problem, no matter how severe, implies the existence of an opportunity in the form of a solution. He knows the game, his campaign, and the individuals and their PCs who form the group.… Continue reading GM Mastery

Toisten inspiroimisesta

“Nothing brings me more satisfaction than to hear that individual Judges’ copies of these products have become dog-eared or filled with notes necessitating new copies. It is like a grand symphony. To inspire others to create is my fervent hope. Your players will respond to your delight in seeing your creation take on life and enthusiasm will increase the fun.… Continue reading Toisten inspiroimisesta

Roolipelaamisen seitsemän osa-aluetta

“To have a good chance of being exciting and enjoyable (and thus popular), a role-playing game must contain seven major elements, with varying degrees of emphasis placed on each one depending on the intention of the author. The elements are these: 1. wonder and fear 2. adventure and heroism 3. problem solving 4. role-playing 5.… Continue reading Roolipelaamisen seitsemän osa-aluetta

Välinpitämätön pelinjohtaja

“Absolute disinterest must be exercised by the Dungeonmaster, and if a favorite player stupidly puts himself into a situation where he is about to be killed, let the dice tell the story and KILL him. This is not to say that you should never temper chance with a bit of “Divine Intervention,” but helping players… Continue reading Välinpitämätön pelinjohtaja

Peli ilman voittajia

“The [early] accounts of Dungeons & Dragons ignore the fate of nations and focus instead on the episodic unfolding of a fictional life, that of a person, and thereby created something new: a wargame without wars, a miniature game without miniatures, and a game without a winner or even an ending.” — Jon Peterson: Playing at… Continue reading Peli ilman voittajia

Talon säännöistä ja yllätyksellisyydestä

“Dave [Arneson] and I disagree on how to handle any number of things, and both of our campaigns differ from the “rules” found in DandD. If the time ever comes when all aspects of fantasy are covered and the vast majority of its players agree on how the game should be played, DandD will have… Continue reading Talon säännöistä ja yllätyksellisyydestä

Toisten puolesta kuvittelusta

“There are unquestionably areas which have been glossed over. While we deeply regret the necessity, space requires that we put in the essentials only, and the trimming will oftimes have to be added by the referee and his players. We have attempted to furnish an ample framework, and building should be both easy and fun.… Continue reading Toisten puolesta kuvittelusta