Luolastoekologian puolustuspuhe

“I’m not suggesting that you should actually build an ecological dungeon – some sins against reason are necessary to make the game play at its best. But to have conflict within the dungeon that is independent of the players is not a bad thing. The more you can give the impression that the dungeon is… Continue reading Luolastoekologian puolustuspuhe

Syy siihen miksi D&D sijoittuu luolastoihin?

“It is one of the strengths of D&D that it possesses a marked routine. In most games one can discern routine as well as active enterprise; the proportions vary from game to game. In chess, when one cannot think of any special plan there is a routine to fall back on of making general-purpose developing… Continue reading Syy siihen miksi D&D sijoittuu luolastoihin?

Pelaamista vai kalastamista?

“[T]he paradox is that D&D is a game with no ending and no winners. A game has a winner virtually by definition, and I suspect that sometimes players are off-balance because though they appear to be playing a game, they have no prospects of winning, since there is no victory. Therefore they define for themselves… Continue reading Pelaamista vai kalastamista?