Kuvitteleminen on vaarallista

What is fantasy? On one level, of course, it is a game: a pure pretense with no ulterior motive whatever. It is one child saying to another child, “Let’s be dragons,” and then they’re dragons for an hour or two. It is escapism of the most admirable kind—the game played for the game’s sake. On… Continue reading Kuvitteleminen on vaarallista

Pelit, ongelmanratkaisu ja empatia

“Most games have small solution landscapes, so there’s one possible solution and one way to solve it. Other games, the games that tend to be more creative, have a much larger solution space, so you can potentially solve this problem in a way that nobody else has. If you’re building a solution, how large that… Continue reading Pelit, ongelmanratkaisu ja empatia

Minkälainen on hyvä peli?

“The strength of games does not lie in the accurate modeling of fantasy worlds but in capturing complex systems with relative simple rules, while still retaining the overall dynamic behavior of the original system a game is trying to model.” – Joris Dormans: Engineering Emergence, Applied Theory for Game Design

Suuri kosminen imuri?

“Dungeons & Dragons, as any experienced Dungeon Master knows, is the great cosmic vacuum cleaner: anything that looks like a suspiciously good idea gets sucked up and assimilated with the rest of the jumble, whatever it might be. The only limits to such integration are an individual gamer’s self-imposed limits upon the imagination. And why… Continue reading Suuri kosminen imuri?


“The more rules you add (AD&D) the more likely it is you will constrain the players and the game. Rules are good, too many rules are bad. And you will screw things up.” – Dave Arneson, odd74.proboards.com

Fantasies and metaphors

The great modern fantasies were written out of religious, philosophical and psychological landscapes. They were sermons. They were metaphors. They were rhetoric. They were books, which means that the one thing they actually weren’t was countries with people in them. The commercial fantasy that has replaced them is often based on a mistaken attempt to… Continue reading Fantasies and metaphors


“Yesterday’s session only confirmed in my mind what I like in RPGs and what I suspect most of the readers of my blog like too: player creativity. Not GM creativity. Player creativity.” – Monsters and Manuals