Korkean tason pelinjohtamisneuvoja

As has been said in the previous modules in this series, while considerable detail has been given, it is up to you to fill in any needed information and to color the whole and bring it to life. You, as Dungeon Master, must continue to improvise and create, for your players will certainly desire more descriptions, seek to do things not provided for here, and generally do things which are not anticipated. The script is here, but you will direct the whole, rewrite parts, and sit in final judgement on character’s actions. If you have already taken your players through the first two modules, you will wish to be particularly mindful of how their behavior there will have altered what is shown here on each level matrix. Use the parameters given to design your own epic. Be disinterested, and be just. (Gary Gygax / G3 – Hall of the Fire Giant King)

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