Mietteitä roolipelaamisen keksijältä

Viime aikoina on kiinnostanut yhä enemmän Dave Arnesonin näkemys roolipelaamisesta. Kirjoittelin jo aikaisemmassa blogitekstissä Arneson-juttuja, mutta palataanpa hetkeksi tähän herkulliseen aiheeseen. Judges Guildin julkaiseman Pegasus-lehden haastattelussa vuonna 1999 Arneson lausuu näinkin hienosti siitä mikä roolipelaamisessa on muuttunut viimeisen 25 vuoden aikana:

Sitting down and reading boxed dialog, going through seven or eight volumes of rules, is a long way from the scribbled notes I started off with…It just got very, very complicated and, in the efforts to simplify things, they just lost whatever creativity was left…I think what you lost there was the spontaneity of the whole operation…Too many of them try to do everything, or they follow the official line of “You can’t change anything or you’ll destroy the rules.”…That’s not the way things started, that’s not the way things should be. If something doesn’t work, get rid of it. If something works in another set of rules and you want to put it in your game, go for it. The [rules’] job is to make the referee’s life easier, so he can referee, not harder. – (“Pegasus chats with… Dave Arneson” (Pegasus (Judges Guild) (14): 6 (1999)), löytyy Internet Archivesta)

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